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IT Governance

IT Governance has become a part of the vernacular of every major Information Technology organization today. Despite its pervasiveness, it is widely misunderstood. The lack of consensus in regard to its definition has lead to varying opinions and views of the purpose of IT Governance and how it is practiced. The result is that very few enterprises are realizing the full potential, power and promise of this essential business discipline.

The ubiquitous nature of technology has immeasurably increased its importance to enterprise success. Studies from renowned research organizations such as MIT CISR, Gartner and Forrester have shown that companies with defined and structured IT Governance outperform companies lacking these governance conventions.

This workshop provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of the IT Governance discipline and domain. 

This work includes discussions of:

  • The genesis and onset of IT Governance
  • The definition of IT Governance
  • The principles of IT Governance
  • The major decision areas of IT Governance
  • IT Governance processes
  • IT Governance mechanisms
  • Assessing IT governance effectiveness & maturity
  • ISO 38500 IT governance standard
  • IT governance models and frameworks and their relationships
  • The state of IT governance today
  • Exercise in drafting an IT governance accountability matrix

Duration: One day